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Essence of Life

A best friend. We all have one, right? They're someone we can talk to about whatever we have on our mind, they comfort us when we're down, someone that cares for you, and sometimes we even fall in love with them...but what would you do if you fell in love with them even though they're the same gender?

Meet Miyasako and her friends Crystal, Lynnette and Dan.

Miyasako is half Japanese and is one of the top students at their school

Crystal is in love with Miyasako, to whom she has nicknamed Maiko

Lynnette is the daughter of the city police commissioner

Dan is well...the only guy in their group.

Miyasako happens to start to fall in love with her friend Crystal one day and is both shocked and confused. Join her and her friends as we follow the events that will change their lives and reveal secrets from their past, very secrets that they have been hiding from each other


The Author

Hello there, I'm Steven but I sometimes go by my internet name 00Stevo or 0taku. I'm an guy that lives on the east coast of Australia and I'm currently unemployed. I started drawing back in 2013 not long after watching Nichijou and realizing, 'Hey I could draw like this'. From there I wrote a fanfic for said series. In September of the same year I started jotting down Ideas for the soon to be named 'Essence of life' as my skilled improved in 2014, I decided to do a 'test run' of making and producing a web comic using my Nichijou fanfic as the basis. As I drew what became know as 'The Baka and the Parkster'. I also worked and typing the script for Essence of life, creating designs, profiles and backgrounds for characters. I drew the first 9 pages of Essence of Life in January before deciding to wait until after I finished drawing TBaTP which was March the following year. Then in June of 2015 I officially launched 'Essence of life'.

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