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What is 'Essence of Life' about?

Essence of Life is a slice of life/romantic comedy. The main focus of the story is about Miyasako falling in love with her best friend Chris who happens to also be the same gender, But there are still a lot more different elements to the story then this.

When do you update?

Currently I'm updating every Monday and Friday mornings around 8-9 am Eastern Australian Time

Which way is Essence of Life read?

Essence of Life is read the 'western way' so left to right

What's Essence of Life rated?

I'm rating it PG-13. It occasionally will have coarse language, sexual references and Mild themes but nothing to Adult.

Whats with the wired page layout

I'm laying out the pages in a manga/graphic novel style. So the white 'strip' along either side is where the spine of a book would be.

Spine of a book, Does this mean there will be a book form?

Ideally yes. I would love to have Essence of life in book form. Page count is going to play a big factor though

What's with the different types of font?

Being that Miyasako is Japanese every now and then there will be Japanese speaking. Main English speaking is the ticker smother text. Japanese is the thinner sharper text. And the main English text between two brackets is translated Japanese

In what year is Essence of Life set?

Technically Essence of life is set in 2017, but I might slip in modern thing every now and then.

Where is Essence of Life set?

You most likely going to hate for this but, I'm not telling. I want to see if people can piece together where it's set.

How do I pronounce Miyasako’s name?

With her first and middle name their close to how it's read Me-ya-sa-ko, I-zu-me

Her last name sounds something like eye-da (Aida)

I might add more questions over time

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