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webcomics I read

I no particular order

Rain Rain is a slice-of-life/comedy/drama that follows the life of a teenage transgender girl named Rain

EGS EGS is a comic about a goup of tenagers and the real life and bizarre event they face in their lives

Dumbing of Age A webcomic about the Day-day live’s of some collage freshmen. A good read In my opinion

Lighter then Hier About a girl how joins the miliatry like her father to become the country’s next big war hero, set in a fictional Germany Fantasia world

Kiwi Blitz - An American superhero cartoon mixed with a Japanese mecha anime

Notice me Please The everyday life of middle-schooler and the struggles of trying to get her feelings through to her crush

Let’s speak English Done by the same peron as ‘Kiwi blitz’ but is an autobiographical comic about her time as a English Teacher in Japan!

Sandra and Woo To quote the author ‘Sandra and Woo is a comedy comic strip featuring the 12-year-old girl Sandra and her mischievous pet raccoon Woo.’

Inside out* A story in which one of the main character’s decides to stop hiding her true self and confesses her love to her best friend

Yogurt media Quoting the author ‘a light-hearted healing slice-of-life web comic series.’

This is today! * Quoting the author ‘The daily life of Cho, Kotori, Manami, and many, many others! A comedy skit manga with loveable characters, situational comedy and heavily forced and awkward yuri relationships!’


descriptions are how I can best explain the webcomic without giving too much away

* - webcomic is read the eastern way, Right-to-left.

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