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Miyasako Aida

Is one of the protagonist. Miyasako moved to Blue water from Japan with her family at age 6 because of her father’s work. She was very shy (and is still somewhat ) she first started school due to having trouble understanding English but she met Chris not long after and slowly opened up, And later in the 3rd year they became the best of friends. Miyasako has been given the nickname ‘Maiko’ by Chirs due the latter messing up her name, she lets no-one else calls her by the name Maiko bar Chris. Miyasako is also one of the top students at Wattle State High and is ranked 5th for their year level and 9th in the whole school.

First seen: Vol 1, Page 1

First roll: Vol 1, Page 1


She is the other protagonist. Chrystal is Miyasako best and longest friend. She first met Miyasako the morning she transferred to her class. Chris noticed that Miyasako acted very shy and tried to get her to open up, and it worked after…but only after she annoyed Miyasako by messing up her name and calling her Maiko but she likes the nickname nevertheless. After event that happened in 7th grade she happened to fall in love with Miyasako. Once the two were in 9th grade she started to ‘show’ her feelings more, Miyasako is however well aware of Chris’s feeling for her. Also since the 9th Grade Chris has been living under the care of her older brother.

First seen: Vol 1, Page 14

First roll:Vol 1, Page 5


Lynnette Jones

Lyn is a good friend of both Chris and Miysako, she also happens to be the latter’s neighbour. Her parents are divorced and she lives with her father, She relocated to Blue Water from the state’s capital to live with her father to get away from her mother rather violent behavior a bit before finishing the 9th grade. Her Father is currently employed as the Commissioner of Police the city of Blue water. Damien is her boyfriend who helped her one night, to which they later got talking and started dating around the middle of their 10th year. She ½ hispanic on her mother's side., and not many people know this but she has heterochromia eyes, her left eye is lighter and more white then her right.

First seen: Vol 1, Page 3

First roll:Vol 1, Page 3


Damien Roberts

Damien, who is referred to by his middle name ‘Dan’, is Lynn’s boyfriend and currently the only male of the group. He has slightly above average academics and is pretty fit. Dan meet Lyn around the middle of their 10th grade and they started dating not long after. He is rather nice guy and looks out for those around him, and if need be he will fight to protect them.

First seen: Vol 1, Page 17

First roll:Vol 1, Page 11


Samantha Harrington

Samantha is a classmate of Miyasako and Chris. She happened to run into Miyasako one afternoon we she was out shopping. She hides half her face behind her bangs for some reason only know to her.

First seen: Vol 1, Page 19

First roll:Vol 1, Page 55


Hinata Aida

Hinata is Miyasako’s mother. Aida is actually her last name. When she married her husband they took her last name as opposed to his. Hinata is fully Japanese and can speak english quite well, but she mainly speaks Japanese at home. She cares about her children and want them to live their lives as they see fit.

First seen: Vol 1, Page 46

First roll:Vol 1, Page 1


Paul Savanna

Chrystal’s older brother and current caretaker. Due to incidents Paul looks after his little sister. He has a well paying Job that allows him to work from home most of the time. He can sometimes be a little protective of his little sister.

First seen: Vol 1, Page 147

First roll:Vol 1, Page 147


Bree Smith

Bree Smith is a classmate of Chris and Miyasako who is friends with Isabelle. She treats Chris a lot nicer than some other people and was very worried when Chris got hospitalised

First seen: Vol 1, Page 86

First roll:Vol 1, Page 86



Isabelle is also another classmate of Chris and Miyasako, She is thought to be the source of many of the rumors surrounding Chris. She also happens to be a friend of both Chris and Miyasako when they were much younger but they had a falling out.

First seen: Vol 1, Page 86

First roll:Vol 1, Page 86


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